Holly Hill Farm History

haying in 1890sFarmed since the early 17th century when it’s salt marsh was a source of grazing and hay for our earliest settlers, the Farm has been in the White family for five generations. 

In the 18th & first part of the 19th century it was a typical homestead. 

When farming declined in the East in the 1840’s, the property became a summer residence for Bostonians; farming was limited to orchards, garden plots, hay fields and pasture for a small herd of dairy cows. 74_1_06Two post and beam barns dating back to 1785 and a classic pole beam barn built in the Civil War era stand as reminders of the past.

In the 1930’s & 40’s it became the base for a substantial ‘truck’ farm of 100 acres most of which were off-site. 

After World War II the land was home to a saw mill operation. 

jeanintruckIMG00057In 1998 Frank and Jean White moved back to Cohasset and restarted the Farm as a commercial venture. Jean remains involved and continues to oversee the day-to-day operation of the Farm and of the Friends.

The Farm was certified organic in 2000.

More information on the Farm’s history can be found in the annotated Trail Guide on sale for $3 in the vestibule outside the Friends of Holly Hill Farm office, located down the lane to the left of the Main Barn.

Farm Staff

  • Cindy Prentice, Farm & Friends Director
  • Mark Rutkowski, Farm Manager
  • Jasmin Callahan, Plant Sale Manager
  • Morgan Houk, Farm Stand Assistant
  • Liliane Larsen, Bookkeeper

Video courtesy of 143TV and the Cohasset Historical Society.

Plant Sales

We grow thousands of plants for the home garden including a wide variety of vegetables, flowers, fruits and herbs.


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