New! Winter Farm Share

For the first time we will be offering WINTER PICKUPS of produce once a month at the Farm Store! Each box will contain approximately 25 lb of 1/3 fresh greens and 2/3 hardy storage crops like onions, squash and potatoes to name a few. Wonderful additions for your pantry will also be available to order such as flour, maple syrup, jams, and eggs so you can have access to the Holly Hill Farm Store year around! We are still hammering out the details but if you would like to learn more please send an email to Farm Manager Dee.

There's Lots Happening at HHF! Check it out.

Join us SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25 for our Annual Garlic Roasting & Planting Workshop 

Don't miss out on the many fun, interesting and educational things going on at HHF! 

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Whether you're walking the trails or attending a workshop or Summer Camp, please dress appropriately and take measures to protect yourself, your children and your dogs from tree nuts, ticks, mosquitos and poison ivy.


Our small staff of Farmers and Farm Educators are happy to provide interviews or copy for upcoming stories on farms, organic farms, summer camps, or children's programs. 

Our Farm Educators are available to speak and lead workshops for garden clubs, community organizations, schools, and local events. 

We are open to discussion on collaboration for potential workshops and partnerships that would support our mission and promote local food and organic farming along the South Shore and beyond.

For more information contact Lori.

Keeping Busy While Relaxing

There is a bit of truth to the fact that on the farmer’s day off, he or she only works until noon. The case being that there is hardly a day off from farming. There is always something to do. It might be true of any work, but for the farmer, on the farm or at home, there are weeds to pull, plans to make and seeds to gather. Though I am not in the fields everyday, I do feel there is always something to consider and something to do. Even now, with the light drawing to a close earlier

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Next Year Is Here

The purple top turnips are practically jumping out of the ground. So much turnip hummus to make.  Many carrots are thinned and waiting to grow more sweet after the frost. That frost may still be a fortnight or more away, as farming near the ocean has its benefits. Peck’s Meadow at Holly Hill is full, full of upright broccoli, red berried, black seeded, asparagus fern, cosmos, still lovely smelling thai basil and kale. These hardy Autumn crops are also worth their leaf peeping qualities. The tall, tall jerusalem artichoke, sun choke, sun root crop is about to blossom, and well

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Dance your Chipotle Off!

Looking for a fun and different night out? Swing by Holly Hill Farm for dinner and Contra Dancing on Saturday October 25th at 6pm. New to Contra Dancing? We are too! Contra dance is one of many forms of folk dancing that Europeans brought with them when they immigrated to this land. Related to ‘English Long Ways Dance’, Contra Dance begins with two lines of couples facing each other. Lines can be of any length and the word ‘contra’ is used to describe the style of dance where men and women line up across (contra) from each other. As culture evolved in this country,

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Let’s Grow Tomatillos, Potatoes and Eat them Too

Though still awfully dry, lots of fruits on the vine are ready for harvest. The fruits of which I speak are more cucumbers, peppers and beans (all these containing seeds within), rather than apples, pears and peaches. And though Holly Hill Farm and many school gardens currently do not grow enough corn to make chips, a bag of organic corn chips can be purchased to accompany the salsa verde, as we enjoyed the other day with kids from the South Shore Educational Collaborative during their weekly field trip to Holly Hill. Some visits to schools yield a small or compromised

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A Certified Organic Farm and A Farm for Teaching & Learning

Holly Hill Farm is now owned by the 5th generation of the White family. The current certified organic Farm was established in 1998 and the non-profit Friends of Holly Hill Farm was established in 2002.