New! Winter Farm Share

For the first time we will be offering WINTER PICKUPS of produce once a month at the Farm Store! We will be offering a one time pickup Saturday, December 13. The cost of this box is $75, and the deadline for ordering is December 1. The box will include approximately 25/30 pounds of products: 1/3 greens and other fresh products, 2/3 storage crops such as squash, onions, garlic, potatoes, beets, radishes and many more! The contents will vary depending on what is available. We are working with all of the same farms that help us stock the Farm Stand all spring, summer and fall. In addition, many of the Farm Stand products, including jams, flour and oats, eggs, cheese, pasta sauces, etc. will be available to order for our winter share members.  These products will not be included in the share’s price but will be available for pickup the same day. A final list of products available for purchase will be ready soon, but please let us know if there are some must-haves and we will make working with those vendors a priority!  Brown Boar Farm will also be at the Farm December 13 with all of their amazing meats available for purchase or pre order. If you are still intrigued and would like to officially sign up for share, or have more questions, please email Morgan or come by the Farm Stand on Saturdays to chat!

Friends of Holly Hill Farm Inc.

Let Us Entertain and Sustain You   

The rake leans lazily behind the garbage can in a dark corner of the cellar. The push mower, a bit rusty, barely has the wherewithal to roll anymore. The thrill of a back pack leaf blower allows for greater mobility and more efficiency, when tackling a large lawn of colorful, windswept leaves.  Cut wood from local pine (perhaps removed for a new housing development) can hold soil better than gathered rocks from the field, rocks that could have blocked roots of plants.  A bale of straw from the local feed and grain store, grown perhaps in Canada, covers and warms

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Food Day at the Plymouth River School

Students from Plymouth River School celebrated Food Day last month with a School Farm to Table theme on Thursday October 23. Students had a chance to enjoy garlic bread, kale chips and apples from garlic and kale grown in the school garden, and fresh sliced apples picked from the apple tree by the front entrance to the school. All students got a chance to enjoy the locally grown treats even if they didn’t purchase lunch that day. Roasted potatoes were served to the 3rd graders who had planted the potatoes in the spring of 2nd grade and harvested just enough to feed the

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Let the Leaves Fall Where They May

Quite a windswept windfall of late. The Autumn gusts have brought many a changing leaf down to the ground. Along with the leaves come snow, cold rain and sticks as well.  Lots of blow downs and self pruning to contend with and gather. At the Farm, and at home paddocks, the barnyard animals are soaked and perhaps also caught off guard by the early winter weather. But on they go, the hens give us eggs, the roosters crow, the horses whinny and trot and the goats happily receive carrot tops and go for the occasional walk to devour poison ivy,

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Keeping Busy While Relaxing

There is a bit of truth to the fact that on the farmer’s day off, he or she only works until noon. The case being that there is hardly a day off from farming. There is always something to do. It might be true of any work, but for the farmer, on the farm or at home, there are weeds to pull, plans to make and seeds to gather. Though I am not in the fields everyday, I do feel there is always something to consider and something to do. Even now, with the light drawing to a close earlier

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A Certified Organic Farm and A Farm for Teaching & Learning

Holly Hill Farm is now owned by the 5th generation of the White family. The current certified organic Farm was established in 1998 and the non-profit Friends of Holly Hill Farm was established in 2002.