Blue Stone Journeys at Holly Hill Farm

A new way to experience our beautiful conservation land

Holly Hill Farm has partnered with Blue Stone Journeys to bring you a new way to experience the farm – Forest Bathing.  Also known as Nature Therapy, these two and a half hour guided walks offer  an opportunity to tune into your senses while you take a gentle, slow paced walk around the farm. 

Did you know that Nature Therapy has health benefits? Studies have shown time spent in nature lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system and reduces stress. On a Nature Therapy walk, we travel  less than a mile in distance, at the pace of a stroll, with invitations  offered throughout  to slow down and connect with yourself and the natural world around you. Participants spend time both alone and together, including stopping points along the way where we gather as a group to share.

Maybe you are curious about nature therapy, maybe you’d like to deepen your practice; whatever the reason, we invite you to join certified guide, Kirsten Snow for a mindful journey of the senses.      

“I feel much calmer, more centered and my stress level is lower after slowing down. I found serenity in this beautiful location.”  - Participant quote from a walk guided by Kirsten Snow

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Walks are scheduled regularly throughout the season and are geared to adults only. 

The cost for this event is $100 per person, with a portion donated to benefit Holly Hill Farm. 

To reserve, please click on the link below.