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The First Annual FHHF Sustainable Garden Tour

sustainable garden tourWe decided to organize a garden tour with the goal of teaching interested gardeners how to grow food, herbs, flowers and fruit organically and sustainably. If we could find homes with added extras such as raising chickens and bees, utilizing composting techniques and water conservation, we would be happy. What we found was all of this and much more!

The five private homes, one community/food pantry garden and one local, organic farm are fine examples of people who work hard to follow organic land care principles – use compost, natural soil enhancers such as compost and do not use pesticides, herbicides or conventional fertilizers in their yards or in their gardens.  The settings are varied, from small and manageable yards to large, sweeping oceanfront properties. Guests on the tour will see details as simple as plants in compost-rich soil to elaborate methods for drying and infusing medicinal herbs in tinctures and soaps. The Community Garden in Scituate is a marvelous combination of plants and personal gardening styles, with the goal of providing healthy organically produced produce to those who have no access to organic food.

sustainable garden tour 2A self-guided tour of the educational gardens at Holly Hill Farm is yet another treat for tour guests. The Education Garden is a hands-on garden surrounded by chickens, a bunny and our Dwarf Nigerian goats. Crops are planted, tended and harvested by school children and campers who experience how food is grown sustainably. Continue towards Peck’s Meadow and see the South Shore Charter Public School’s Garden, where students come 22 times a year to garden. Last stop is the Farm Pantry Garden where organic produce is harvested by high school community service students and brought by train to Father Bill’s homeless shelter in Quincy. Imagine the chef and guests at Father Bill’s who receive a bountiful delivery of fresh organic food!

Join us for a day of exploration in delightful gardens in Cohasset and Scituate. We are hoping that this is the start of an annual event to showcase garden features that are manageable and possible for us to try in our own yards. Many thanks to the gardeners who have so kindly offered their gardens for us to see!

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