Local, organic agriculture. Environmental education.

School Gardens

school garlic gardenSchool gardens are increasingly understood by educators and parents to be effective tools for advancing a school’s educational goals. In response to this interest we provide, as part of our outreach services, a consultant to work with school administrators, teachers, students and parents to:

  • Plan a school garden including site selection.
  • Start an on-site compost pile and/or a school lunch scrap composting program.
  • Recommend local resources that may help teachers to use their garden to achieve class academic goals.
  • Recommend local resources that might donate garden tools, etc.
  • Provide other technical support as needed.
  • Train parents and teachers in basic gardening and ‘outdoor teaching’.

Holly Hill Farm teachers will teach lessons in the school garden and help grow a variety of organic vegetables, flowers and herbs.


School Garden 2015Every classroom has a raised bed; crops are planted and harvested; and the produce is sold at a local farmers market and to nearby restaurants. All the work is done by kids who are learning math, science, and history along the way!

Currently, HHF teachers are currently writing a curriculum guide with lessons designed for the school gardens.

Presentations: Friends’ staff are available for presentations. Some favorite topics include: 

  • Basics of Organic Farming
  • How to Start a Compost Pile at Home or School
  • How the Friends are Serving the Community


Jon at school class 2015In-School Activities: Friends’ staff are available during the cold weather months for classroom activities related to farming in general and at Holly Hill Farm in particular. Exact subject matter will be determined in advance in consultation with the classroom teacher. For example, red wiggler worms turn shredded newspaper and food scraps into vermicompost inside a small plastic box in the classroom over the course of a few months.  It’s a great science lesson in a box and kids love it!


Curiculum Consultations: Friends’ staff work with teachers on ways to attain academic goals by integrating lessons learned at Holly Hill Farm into their regular school curriculum.


Interested teachers should email Jon Belber, Education Director or call 781.383.6565 for further information and cost details.