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Sports on the Farm, ages 9-13

Cheers of good luck and great effort are yelled on the Farm, as these kids practice their throwing, jumping, catching, running, hopping, thinking, and collaborative skills during a morning of feats, leaps and bounds. On the Farm, at school and in life, one must try and practice a variety of skills to thrive in this wonderful world.


Summer is a great time to be active on the Farm.

There are many opportunities to go beyond the fields and gardens to participate in some fun, athletic, and cooperative games on the Farm. For example, we will set up an obstacle course, run through the wood trails and play an exciting round of frisbee golf.

There will also be daily clues to solve and challenges to undertake as campers work together to complete an Amazing Race. We will also make some healthy smoothies to keep us ready for good, sporting fun.


When: Mondays through Fridays, July & August, 9am-noon

  • Session 1: July 25-29
  • Session 2: August 8-12

Fee per session:  $200 members/$265 nonmembers (family membership included)

Also available: Lunch at the Farm, 12-1pm: a separate program available for all kids ages 3-12

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