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Praying Mantis, ages 7 & 8

We caught (and released) a toad today at the Ice Pond. We saw an ooetheca and then stared at the sky while in the meadow for a half hour. We waded in the muddy marsh. We hiked an awesome trail in the woods and came to a lookout spot where we could see the ocean. We completed a Quest on the farm and solved the clues. Oh the places these Praying Mantis explorers will go.


Into the 130+ acres of woods, marsh, trails and natural habitats we go!

This popular program use children’s heightened awareness, keen observational skills, and deductive reasoning abilities to explore and discover what animals, insects, and ecological phenomena await them.

Like a praying mantis watching over the garden, this program will let children uncover some hidden treasures at Holly Hill Farm. We will also practice appropriate interactions, observations and respect for the animals and habitats that are on the Farm.


When: Mondays through Fridays, June through August, 9am-noon

  • Session 1: June 20-24
  • Session 2: July 5-8 [pro-rated short week due to July 4 holiday]
  • Session 3: July 18-22
  • Session 4: August 1-5
  • Session 5: August 15-19


Fee per session:  $200 members/$265 nonmembers (family membership included)

Also available: Lunch at the Farm, 12-1pm: a separate program available for all kids ages 3-12

Click here for information on how to Register & Pay by Mail