Local, organic agriculture. Environmental education.

Kids Eat!, ages 9 – 11

Red velvet beet cake, zucchini bread, quinoa n’ kale salad, and homemade rainbow chard stem hummus are just a few of the possible, delicious items to collaboratively make during the course of a three hour program. It is quite a fun activity to identify a vegetable or an herb growing in the garden, harvest, wash and incorporate them all into a tasty snack. And we will eat them too.


KidsEatFlatbreadThis popular, nutritious program will depend greatly on the terrific, seasonally available organic produce. Each day, children will immerse themselves in new and familiar locally grown vegetables, fruits, herbs and even edible flowers to create delicious snacks ranging from pizza to salad and stir fry to oven treats.

These healthy products will be harvested, prepped, prepared and enjoyed by all the children for a marvelous daily community celebration. Dish cleaning management skills will also be taught.

When: Mondays through Fridays, July – August, 9am – noon

  • Session 1: July 5-8 [pro-rated week due to July 4 holiday]
  • Session 2: July 25-29
  • Session 3; Aug 1-5


Fee per session: $200 members/$265 nonmembers (family membership included)

Also available: Lunch at the Farm, 12-1pm: a separate program available for all kids ages 3-12

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