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Growing Drama on the Farm – ages 8 -12

For several years now, the playwrights have wrought their words like iron to create exciting, adventurous, reflective, intriguing, captivating theatrical pieces for the makeshift stage. The writers have also become the performers bringing the words and thoughts to light, for the play’s the thing, wherein we catch the conscience of the kings and queens who come to participate, watch and engage with each wonderful play.


DSC_0200Week 1: Monday – Friday, July 25 – 29 from 1-4pm. During the first week of Growing Drama on the Farm the children will generate their own play ideas and develop character, dialogue, and story through guided exercises and critiques. They will also collaborate on a group performance piece telling the Holly Hill story. By the end of week one, each child will have written some stage-worthy work.


DSC_0211Week 2: Monday – Friday, August 1 – 4 from 1-4pm In the second week, participants will prepare their newly-written plays for a live gala performance on Friday. As they polish their scripts, the young playwrights will be coached on stage techniques, movement, the creation of simple sets and costumes, and acting to produce their own and each others’ plays. “Holding, as ’twere, a mirror up to nature,” – where else but a farm?



Fee for the 2-week session: $400 members/$465 nonmembers (family membership included)

Also available: Lunch at the Farm, 12-1pm (before Growing Drama begins): a separate program available for all kids ages 3-12.

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