Local, organic agriculture. Environmental education.

Carrot Tops, ages 7 & 8

Carrot Tops 2015“Is it ready yet? When will they be ready to pull? How can you tell if the carrot is there or not?”  These are common questions for anyone to ask in August, having waited more than 70 days for a fresh, juicy carrot. We answer those questions and more as we feast on harvested carrots of all colors, as well as grow and cultivate other ripe, organic vegetables.


Planting, weeding, growing and eating.

For this age group Carrot Tops is a great time to be more active and apply what they are learning with a variety of seasonal crops, especially the joys of a freshly pulled carrot.

Children will gain insight into organic practices and take home plants and compost for their own garden.

And come August, there will be plenty of carrots to harvest!



When: Monday through Friday, August, 9am – noon

  • Session 1: August 8-12
  • Session 2: August 22-26


Fee per session:  $200 members/$265 nonmembers (family membership included)

Also available: Lunch at the Farm, 12-1pm: a separate program available for all kids ages 3-12

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