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See Jon & Bruce Run!

If you missed the previous blog announcing Jon & Bruce’s School Garden Spring Sprint click here.

Here is a photo gallery of the run from the steps of Holly Hill Farm’s main barn, to the finish line. Along the way they joined students in planting peas. In all they visited 7 schools: East School (Hingham), Osgood School (Cohasset), Gates Middle School (Scituate), Inly School (Scituate), Martinson School (Marshfield), South River School, (Marshfield), and Bay Farm Montessori Academy (Duxbury).

At the finish line, 27 miles from the start, Bay Farm presented them with a tree in honor of their run.


Here They Go IMG_1420Here They Go IMG_1422Here They Go IMG_1431Inly School 1finish 2finish 1






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