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Help us get some free publicity, write a letter to the editor!
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Last week was an exciting one for the GMO labeling movement! 

Vermont made history by passing the first “no strings attached” GMO labeling bill.

And here in Massachusetts, thanks to your help, our GMO labeling bill made it past the April deadline and one step closer to a full vote on the House floor. 

But if we’re going to make this issue a priority in the State House, we need MORE people aware of the issue and contacting their legislators.

Letters to the editor are a very important part of any public advocacy campaign. The opinion page is the second most read page of the paper, the front page of course being the first. Letters to the editor are a valuable and free resource for us to use. And writing a letter just got easier!

Our allies at the Organic Consumers Association have put together a nifty online tool to help you submit letters to the editor within minutes. You put in your zip code, and it pulls up submission forms for the local papers. It even comes with some talking points to get you started! Click here to submit your letter: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/50865/letter/?letter_KEY=1535

We can’t emphasize how helpful it would be to get some letters published over the next couple weeks, especially riding off of the recent win in Vermont (be sure to mention that)! Still iffy about getting published in your local paper? We’ve put together some guidelines and talking points on our website: marighttoknow.org/write-a-letter-to-the-editor/

For details on the bill and where it’s at in the process, please visit: marighttoknow.org/ma-legislation/

As always, stay tuned to our facebook page for the latest news and updates in the movement for transparency in food labeling. Together we’ll reclaim our right to know what we’re eating!


Martin Dagoberto
Campaign Coordinator

Support the campaign.


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