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Scholarship Fund

Frank H. White Memorial Scholarship Fund: Farming, Learning and Growing in the Community

Help support the scholarship fund. Click on the PayPal button or send a check to the Friends of Holly Hill Farm, 236 Jerusalem Road, Cohasset, MA 02025. Please be sure to note the ‘Scholarship Fund’ on your check.


Frank teachingWhat is it? The FHW Memorial Scholarship Fund was created in the memory of Frank H. White*, an educator, environmentalist, activist, and founder of the Friends of Holly Hill Farm, an organization created to support educational programming at Holly Hill Farm, a certified organic farm located in Cohasset Massachusetts.


What programs does the scholarship fund? The scholarship is designed to fund participation for school groups and summer participants in educational programs at Holly Hill Farm. The Farm’s educational programs are designed to stimulate awareness of the natural world, generate respect for the environment, teach the value of local, sustainable agricultural practices, and promote responsible environmental stewardship.

The scholarship program does not fund the cost of a membership to the Friends of Holly Hill Farm.


Who is eligible for the scholarship fund? School groups and students who wish to participate in an educational program on the Farm (field trip, workshop, or summer program) but who are unable to due to economic need are eligible for funding.


Frank White*Who was Frank H. White? Frank H. White (1932-2009) was the 5th generation owner of the Holly Hill Farm. Frank and Jean White returned to Holly Hill in 1998 with a vision to grow healthy, local produce; to teach children, adults and families in the community about the importance of these sustainable crops; and to encourage responsible stewardship of the land.

Frank created the Friends of Holly Hill Farm to ensure that the Farm became a community educational resource with school programs, summer camps, and adult education workshops.


Scholarship Application

Complete and submit an application to the Friends of Holly Hill Farm Scholarship Committee for review. Please contact Jon Belber at 781-383-6565 for further information.