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Stay Focused

People are planning to march. Folks are wearing safety pins for unity, unity against the machine that was questionably elected. Some performers are even turning down the opportunity to sing before the country, on a national stage. We must figure out which opposition to convey and to what extreme one goes. How much art can be […]

Report from Off the Farm: Outpost Gow...

The wooden bridge that takes you across the Gowanus Canal leads to a new Whole Foods, where parking is often fraught with well-meaning Prius drivers, fixed-bike riders and small cars trying to make a commitment to healthy, organic produce served without attitude, but rather for sustainable living folks who are navigating the new homes, streets and […]

A Glimpse of Daylight

Come December, the chance for the farmers to work outside becomes more and more difficult. The winter solstice falls on the 21st of December, the shortest day of the year. It was also my grandmother’s birthday and I think back on trying to visit her on Foxhall Road before the sun set. In fact, each […]

Set Down the Catalogs

The seed catalogs are arriving. The farmers, still pleasantly full of soil in their boots and winter squash and greens on the Farm Stand tables, will pile up the colorful magazines on the Farm House desk to contemplate at a later date. The seeds to order are many and the time to start sowing is […]

Grow On, Give Back

Back in spring, when the birds came north, the cold days yielded to warm growth, when the revolution was first encountering a more monumental turn towards writing history and breaking a ceiling, the farmers were preparing the ground for planting, sowing seeds in a wood-stoked, warm greenhouse and readying themselves for a long stretch of […]

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