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Set Down the Catalogs

The seed catalogs are arriving. The farmers, still pleasantly full of soil in their boots and winter squash and greens on the Farm Stand tables, will pile up the colorful magazines on the Farm House desk to contemplate at a later date. The seeds to order are many and the time to start sowing is […]

Grow On, Give Back

Back in spring, when the birds came north, the cold days yielded to warm growth, when the revolution was first encountering a more monumental turn towards writing history and breaking a ceiling, the farmers were preparing the ground for planting, sowing seeds in a wood-stoked, warm greenhouse and readying themselves for a long stretch of […]

Stand Together for Garlic

Spanish Rioja, Russian Red, German Red, Early California, Inchellium, German Extra Hardy and Music, to name a few. It is garlic planting time at the Farm and area schools. There is a brief connection to vampires and the effort with garlic to scare them away. But I am more interested in garlic bread, enhancing a […]

Growing a Garden on Grass

The information on the seed package says 30-50 days for lettuce to mature and be ready. 30 days for baby lettuce and 50 days for full growth. During these mid-autumn days, with plenty of sunshine, some rain (which barely makes a dent in our drought ridden reservoirs), it is nice to sow seeds in straight […]

The Milkman Delivers

My memory of the milkman is one of service rather than a memory of connection to the person, the product and the meaning. In a pale yellow truck, the Sealtest delivery would come to the side door on 49th Street in Washington, DC, adjacent to Miss. Eiker’s porch. I believe she too had a delivery of milk. […]

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