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Food Day at the Plymouth River School

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Students from Plymouth River School celebrated Food Day last month with a School Farm to Table theme on Thursday October 23.

Students had a chance to enjoy garlic bread, kale chips and apples from garlic and kale grown in the school garden, and fresh sliced apples picked from the apple tree by the front entrance to the school. All students got a chance to enjoy the locally grown treats even if they didn’t purchase lunch that day.

Roasted potatoes were served to the 3rd graders who had planted the potatoes in the spring of 2nd grade and harvested just enough to feed the four classes of 3rd graders.

The special harvest event was a group effort planned by PTO Green Committee and was supported by the PTO.

PRS Green Committee members made the garlic bread, kitchen staff roasted the potatoes and Holly Hill Farm educator Janice McPhillips made kale chips.

Students sliced the apples and served them to very excited students while roaming around the cafeteria.

The students had especially big smiles on their faces because they remembered harvesting the garlic from the PRS garden last July.  It was a very exciting day for all!

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