Local, organic agriculture. Environmental education.

Education Volunteer

Volunteers are an invaluable part of the success of Friends of Holly Hill Farm bringing a diversity of backgrounds and skills. Their contribution keeps the Friends financially viable.

As a volunteer what will I be doing? 
  • Assistant Instructors: staff a learning station and teach its curriculum to visiting groups; lead groups and teach the assigned curriculum at various learning stations.
  • Field Trip Guides: lead groups to various farm sites and provide introductory information about the Farm.
  • Education Garden Assistants: weed, plant, harvest, etc.
  • Spring maintenance: trail maintenance, grounds clearing, and painting.
  • Event Assistants: take tickets/money, sign up visitors, provide information, park cars, serve food, set up, clean up, etc.
  • Bulk Mailing Assistants: fold, label, stuff, sort and stamp Friends’ mailings such as the quarterly newsletter.
What benefits do Friends’ volunteers receive?
  • Volunteers who work 2 or more hours a week for at least a month are eligible for a 20% reduction in price for the first $20 in fresh produce purchases at the Farm Stand per week.
  • Volunteers receive training and background knowledge in key topics taught to program participants which include plants, soil, compost, farm animals and their shelters, identification of vegetables, mechanics of farming (i.e. weeding, hoeing, planting seeds, transplanting, harvesting, etc.), strategies organic farmers use to avoid using pesticides and herbicides, relationship of the surrounding natural world to the organic farm, and so forth.
What is required of me if I decide to volunteer?
  • Assistant Instructors or Assistant Field Trip Guides: some familiarity with gardening or farming and some experience working with youngsters are desirable attributes, however, they are not essential.
  • A desire to learn, an interest in the natural world and working with children, and a quotient of commitment and reliability are important attributes.
  • Volunteers attend a 2-3 hour training session and commit to 2-3 hours a week for at least 4 – 6 weeks in either the spring, summer or fall.
Volunteers are needed for:
  • Field Trip Guides: Tasks include leading groups to various farm sites and providing them with introductory information about the farm and its components.
  • Education Garden Assistants: Tasks include weeding, planting, harvesting, etc.
  • Event Assistants: Tasks include taking tickets or money, signing up visitors, providing information, parking cars, serving food, setting up, cleaning up, etc.
  • Bulk Mailing Assistants: Tasks include folding, labeling, stuffing, sorting and stamping Friends’ mailings such as the quarterly newsletter.
Interested in volunteering?  
  • To volunteer or find out more information email Barbara Nicosia or call 781.383.6565.